Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vision of Christ | Sharing of Sacred Experience

Happy news, O heart!
..... The Jesus-breath has come!
From his wholesome spirit
..... wafts the fragrance of the One.

................. - Hafez, the mystic and master sufi poet

I had a vision just as I was awakening several years ago. Jesus was standing before me, and I stood in front of him trying to take the vision in and comprehend what I was seeing. It was that mystical time between sleeping and waking, before I am completely awake. Jesus was wearing the crown of thorns, and there were drops of blood on his forehead where the thorns were piercing his skin.

I reached up to touch him, to feel the blood on his skin, and it was warm and real. I asked him if it is painful all the time. He told me that it was not painful, not anymore, because he was lifted beyond it. We didn't speak aloud, but it was communicated telepathically, in that I knew his thoughts and answers, and he knew mine. It was the communion of love.

Since he was more than just the physical body, I asked if it would be possible if I could look through his eyes to see what he sees. He told me that I could do that. I was to direct my vision and thought to move inside his form and image, and I would be there. So, I did, and I felt myself looking out of the eyes of Jesus, who was now the consciousness of Christ... the spiritual Light of Love. I was aware that it was still my awareness within him, and yet I felt the surrounding warmth and grace of the Pure Love that he was.

Everything I looked at, I saw with indescribable Love.

I stepped out to face him again. I was surrounded by an aura of light, a glow, that was a peace he gave me. I told him how beautiful it was and how much I loved him. He asked if he could focus his presence within me and look through my eyes. I was stunned, but answered immediately, that of course, he could!

I felt the presence of the Christ energy of light within me, and I could feel his gaze through my eyes, and I could feel his breath through my lips, his heart beating around mine. I was exalted by it in a way I could never describe with words. It was ecstasy.

vision of Jesus Christ He stepped in front of me with a glowing smile. for he knew what I was feeling. I told him it was the most wonderful moment of my life. I asked if it would be possible to move within his form once more. He laughed gently, and told me yes. I stood silently within the consciousness of Christ giving myself to it as completely as I could. I moved out and let the love I was feeling radiate the beauty of the union I was experiencing. I asked how I could ever thank him for the gift of such love. He told me I already had... and he faded from my sight.

I didn't move for over an hour. I just remained in the stillness and the miracle of what had just happened. My eyes were wide open, still seeing. It was more real than anything that has ever happened to me in my life.

It was years ago when I had that vision, and I can still recall it as if it were happening now in this moment. Of course, it changed my life, and it changed the way I see everything and everyone. I have never been the same. Yet, I have had to live into the creative power and beauty and truth of what I saw and felt through the years.

- a precious and very personal vision, a sacred experience shared by Naomi, may God's love be with her always. it's very kind of her for sharing such profound inner experience and giving permission for sharing. Naomi also writes @ New Mother, New Earth Night Song blog.

"A good vision / dream is from God."

"When one of you sees a dream that one loves, then it is from God. One should praise God for it and relate it to (others)."

"When the end time draws near, the dream of a faithful can hardly be false."

"Those of you who reach Jesus, son of Mary, give him salaam, the greeting of peace from me."

- sayings of beloved Prophet Muhammad, benedictions to him, as recorded in Islamic sacred wisdom tradition.

# art credit
1. top .. Messiah by Rassouli
2. middle .. The Garden of Gethsemane, 1860 by William Dyce

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