Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the sudden awakening you can't help

Giraffea baby giraffe
enters the world.

from six feet above
dropped to the ground.

existence just found!

from dark womb world
to realm of bright light.

it just can't help
sudden awakening!

the zen master
with closed eyes
announces slowly:
S a t o r i.

walks Moses
straight to the
burning bush.

totally unprepared perhaps,
sudden awakening

the sudden awakening
has got no
r e s i s t a n c e.
either it drops on you
or you drop on it,
by complete (paradoxical) chance.

(c) MysticSaint
Denver Int'l Airport
June 24, 2008

Trivia: Mother giraffe often gives birth while standing so that the newborn's first experience outside the womb is a 6 feet drop! In the birthing process, the embryonic sack usually bursts when the baby falls to the ground.

Satori is a Japanese word used in Zen Buddhism for the phenomenon of Sudden Awakening, that Place where the distinction between Experiencer and experience, Knower and known, is erased, and the separative sense of personal self ("I am me, and you aren't") is extinguished. A similar word Kensho is also cited in Zen to signify the experience of awakening or of self-realization and especially the initial experience of awakening.

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