Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sacred Movement of Gurdjieff

G. I. Gurdjieff (Jan 13, 1866 - Oct 29, 1949), the brilliant spiritual master and mystic developed the sacred movement based on ancient temples (sufi tekkes or lodges) dances he witnessed in Central Asia among Sufis whom he called Seekers of Truth. Gurdjieff took the sufi movements to a new height by incorporating principles of cosmic law which he discovered in his extensive spiritual searches throughout Asia and the Middle East.

"Imagine that in studying the laws of movement of the celestial bodies, let us say the planets of the solar system, you have constructed a special mechanism for the representation and recording of these laws. In this mechanism every planet is represented by a sphere of appropriate size and is placed at a strictly determined distance from the central sphere, which stands for the sun. You set the mechanism in motion, and all the spheres begin to turn and move in definite paths, reproducing in a lifelike way the laws which govern their movements. This mechanism reminds you of your knowledge,.

In the same way, in the rhythm of certain dances, in the precise movements and combinations of the dancers, certain laws are vividly recalled. Such dances are called sacred."
- Gurdjieff, Views from the Real World

The Gurdjieff movements are taught as part of the work of self observation and self study. Gurdjieff's teaching mainly addressed the question of people's place in the universe and their possibilities for inner development. He taught that higher levels of consciousness, higher bodies, and inner growth and development is possible.

In his teaching Gurdjieff gave a distinct meaning to various ancient texts such as the Bible and many religious prayers including that of Islamic prayers. He claimed that those texts possess a very different meaning than what is commonly attributed to them. "Sleep not;" "Awake, for you know not the hour;" "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within"... are examples of biblical statements that point to a psychological teaching whose essence has been forgotten.

Gurdjieff taught people how to increase and focus their attention and energy in various ways, and to minimize daydreaming and absentmindedness. According to his teaching, this inner development in oneself is the beginning of a possible further process of change, whose aim is to transform a man into what Gurdjieff believed he ought to be.

"What you cannot discover in your own body, you will not discover in any place of the world..." (Idris Lahore)

Gurdjieff Sacred Movements awaken these deep and estoeric questions:
. Who inhabits this body of flesh and bones ?
. What immensity does exist within the limitations of the body ?
. How to answer this nostalgia of the “higher”, the “better”, and this call for truth that once in a while grabs one’s own soul ?
. How to live more passionately the inner fire ?

Given very precisely by Gurdjieff as a powerful tool for growth, the practice of movements creates exceptional conditions for transforming the body – machine into a place where the forces of intelligence, heart, and action can freely expand, through the development of a certain quality of attention and relaxation.

Osho Boulder Meditation Center presented the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances this June 11 to 15th in Boulder. Amiyo Devienne, who is one of the foremost teachers of the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances in the world today was the teacher in the workshop. She has been teaching the Sacred Movement for 20 years across the world including groups in France, Russia, India and US. It was an honor for me to be given the opportunity to participate in the workshop.

For sometime now as i have read Gurdjieff's writings and teachings, specially his book, Meetings with Remarkable Men really attracted me. Beyond his news ideas, the personality of Gurdjieff has a very strong magnetism that captured me immediately when i read his books for the first time. This workshop thus provided a great window to be part of the actual movements taught by Gurdjieff as he was inspired from ancient sufi orders and estoeric brotherhoods. It was like receiving the spiritual transmission from ageless practices.

The sacred movement teacher Amiyo shared her involvement with Gurdjieff Movement and her inspirations with a brief interview for Inspirations and Creative Thoughts blog, which i wish to share in coming post, God willing.

May God bless the noble soul of G. I. Gurdjieff, the mystic and sanctify his Sirr.

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