Monday, June 23, 2008

Love Thine Enemies

Love thine enemies
they are the instruments
of your destiny.

- Joseph Campbell

a good friend of mine recently shared the following insight which probably has the same theme about people whom we consider an obstruction, shadows, enemies, not-friendly in our life adventure; think again, who they really are for you... my friend wrote:

The author of ‘eat, pray, love’ (elizabeth gilbert) on Oprah was talking about one of her life-changing realisations, regarding the concept of a soul-mate. She mentioned very ‘really’ that her expectations were biased by what she had seen in movies and read from books, as someone who is alike to you as they complete your sentences and bring mostly joys. Yet a soul-mate is really someone who acts as a mirror of your good and bad… someone who enables you to grow from that. It can be someone volatile and quite temporary in your life she said.

sometime we are at a stage of our life, where some of our worst habits / weakness that have been our sole burdens need to be dealt with, yet we feel incapacitated to deal with them alone. we realise that ultimately we do it alone guided by the people that hold the mirror reflecting our own souls… These are our soul-mates.

And as seekers of truth, let’s not be anything less than mirrors to each others souls, which means trust and openness...

Love manifests towards those whom we like as love;
towards those whom we do not like as forgiveness.

- Sufi Master Inayat Khan

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