Monday, June 16, 2008

Body as Mirror of the Soul

A sacrament is a visible sign of invisible grace. The body is a sacrament.

All our inner life and intimacy of soul longs to find an outer mirror. It longs for a form in which it can be seen, felt and touched. The body is the mirror where the secret world of the soul comes to expression.

The body is a sacred threshold; ... this sense of the body is wonderfully expressed in an amazing phrase from the Catholic tradition: The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. To describe the human body as the temple of the Holy Spirit recognizes that the body is suffused with wild and vital divinity. This theological insight shows that the sensuous is sacred in the deepest sense.

The body is your only home in the universe. It is your house of belonging here in the world. It is a very sacred temple. To spend time in silence before the mystery of your body brings you toward wisdom and holiness.

We should avoid the false dualism that separate the soul from the body. The soul is NOT simply within the body, hidden somewhere within its recesses. The truth is rather the converse.

Your body is in the soul, and the soul suffuses you completely. Therefore, all around you there is a secret and beautiful soul-light.

Recognition of soul-light suggests a new art of prayer: close your eyes and relax you body. Imagine a light all around you, the light of your soul. Then with your breath, draw that light into your body and bring it with your breath through every area of your body.

... you are bringing the soul-light, the shadowed shelter that surrounds you, right into the physical earth and clay of your presence. One of the oldest meditation is to imagine the light coming into you, and then on your outward breath to imagine you are exhaling that darkness or an inner charcoal residue.

When you bring cleansing, healing soul-light into your body, you heal...

- John O'Donohue. selection from Anam Cara

Allahu nooru as samawati waal-ardi ...
Noorun Aala Noorin!

God is the Light of the heavens and the earth ...
Light upon Light!

- The Quran 24:35

That light within is as pure as the lightening's light. It is light that is great and red. It is the light of God that beams jnana (divine wisdom). It is the light of chakras above. It is the light born of constant awareness of the pure sound, Aum. It is the light that is blended from all these lights.
- Tirumantiram, sacred hindu text of tamil origin, 10th century BCE

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