Thursday, June 12, 2008

bless the space between the hearts

words rising from mind
stimulate and open
knowing in new ways,
but know, o lost traveler!
words given birth from heart
arrive like a zen arrow
from bow drawn back
by hands of angels
that lets an arrow fly
closing the gap between
one heart and another,
blessing the space between.

when you feel the blessing
like that,
lift your hands, o friend!
and hold them over your heart,
witness love's
vibrating essence.

let go of all self-seeking in love
but hold fast to heart's longing
that summons the purity of divine love
through forms and faces.

behold the secret!
right there,
right there it is
the highest creativity,
the deepest capability
in this human form.

what else could you ever do
that flows so beautifully
between hearts given to God
than to treasure these
precious moments.

o drunk lovers!
ask no more,
ask nothing else,
but ask to bless -
the space
between the hearts.

(c) Naomi and Sadiq

.: art credit. Michael Green's illuminated rumi prints
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