Friday, May 16, 2008

when Beloved calls us as 'beloved'

we may go on our whole life
calling the Ultimate Source as 'Beloved',
assuming the divine intimacy,
but beware of the vain sufistic fantasy!

if the Beloved
doesn't address us back
as 'beloved', habib-Allah
then all our calling of 'Beloved', 'Beloved'
doesn't really matter,
they are all but egoistic chatter.

mix your divine intimacy
with divine awe,
mix hope for love
with holy fear
of displeasing the Beloved.

tasting the sweetness of divine surrender
awaken the longing in heart.

shed off the veils of separation,
behave as a true lover expected to behave
at the court of The Most High,
in the Grand Presence
of Dhul Jalal wal Ikram,
the Lord of Majesty and Generosity.

not what you imagine,
but all it really matter,
is when you are called
as a 'beloved one': habib-Allah.

know o lost heart!
the fragrance of Allah
can only be given by Allah.

(c) MysticSaint
May 14, 2008

Allah Most Merciful gives the perfect guidance and full protection of His Divine Friendship to those who affirm the Source of Love with their being. Those who live the life of constant spiritual affirmation, Allah Most High brings forth from the shadow realm of subjective impulses and limited concepts into the clear Light of the Source.
- mystical interpretation of Quranic verses 2:257 from The Heart of the Quran by Lex Hixon (Shaykh Nur)

Remember that Lord is always the Lord
and servant is always the servant.
- Ibn Arabi

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