Saturday, May 17, 2008

take off thy shoes moses, for thou art entering airport security gate

airport security, shoe x-ray1.
the security measures in the airport are becoming more and more innovative (!). though i traveled number of times on international flight and at different airports, this was the first time i was traveling in domestic flight inside U.S. while visiting Kansas from Los Angeles couple of weeks back.

ignorant me, i didn't know now you have to take off your shoes and belts at the security gate, at least last time or earlier that i never had to. the unexpected scene (at least for me) at the airport was really funny! the person in charge behind the security gate was shouting and instructing constantly at LAX. nobody told stupid me to submit the wallet through x-ray, so with it as i walked in, the beeper beeped and i was asked to go thru separate sets of checking / scan. thanks God it was short and easy.

i am sure days are coming pretty soon when they are gonna ask you to take off everything including your dress and instead of us acting as moses on the holy ground, we would be encouraged to act the heavenly scene of naked adam / eve in the garden of eden.

if shoes are threat to national security, (with so much technology, composite materials, wearable embedded chip etc.) why clothes not be a threat, right?!

Here is an interesting story of Hasan Elahi, a Bangladeshi born U.S. citizen, Artist and Professor who after being wrongly accused of terrorist activities and detained at airport, decided to create a website <Tracking Transience> documenting his daily activities. he basically has taken the burden off the government surveillance by surveilling himself. probably we all can do that.

[>] Watch Elahi on Comedy Central interviewed by Colbert. Its funny!

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