Saturday, April 19, 2008

On My Way Home

MysticSaint Art
Some days, I fly low over the surface of the earth
with the falcon’s eye
watching for any movement of God.

Some days, I fly as near to the sun as my soul
will carry me
without scorching my eyes.

Some nights, I hover like the hummingbird
near the moon hoping to
sip the sweetness of the light.

Some nights, I land on the shoulders
of the great ones
and become a listening heart
to catch the tears and laughter and prayers
of other hearts.

Some nights, I see how many stars
I can touch and kiss
to bless them for their guiding light.

Some nights, I carry a chalice of love
and invisibly anoint every precious person
with the sacred oil of dew
gathered from the tears of God
that have fallen on the night blooming flowers
in the garden of my heart.

Some nights, I call out the arms of God
that reach around the world,
and I settle into the living warmth
of the place nearest the divine heart that
gives life to mine.

I fall into the undefined depths
of a love that can baptize and cleanse
and heal infinite hearts,
as I nestle into a beauty too vast
to ever abide in a word.

The purity surrounds and receives
my surrendered soul,
as if it were the only offering
of this precious moment circling
into an intimacy
that enfolds me in forever.

- Naomi -
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