Thursday, May 01, 2008

from the city of lost angels to state of Oz

thanks to timely invitation of dear heart sister and friend C in Kansas in line with Oneness & Heart of the World Seminar at Boulder, Colorado - i'm now in the great state of Kansas, the american heartland. since my coming to US, C was really wanting me to come to visit the american heartland, specially the green, expansive and peaceful landscape of midwest - in contrast to concrete jungle and horrible traffic of los angeles. no wonder C always call los angeles as city of lost angels.

kansas made so famous by the novel, Wizard of the Oz made me watch the movie today (believe it or not, such an ignorant i'm, i never watched the movie before!) and just before coming here i ended up reading the whole novel via google book. it was fun to read the children novel with adult mind as all those subtle symbolism and metaphors suddenly surface and give whole new meanings.

tomorrow, God willing, will be traveling to Boulder, Colorado all the way driving. excited to cross over the whole of Kansas and get to see Colorado as well. 2nd and 3rd may will be the Oneness & Heart of the World Seminar with Father Thomas Keating & Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. this is going to be an unique meeting of two mystical traditions, to explore the onenesss that is at the heart of all spiritual traditions, and the contribution it can make at this present time of global transition.

if you are around, see you there!

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