Saturday, April 12, 2008

the enwrapped secret

Ya ayyuha al muddaththiru *
Qum faanthir!
Warabbaka fakabbir,
Wathiyabaka fatahhir,
Wa alrrujza faohjur!

O thou enwrapped in thy cloak,
come out and awaken (others)!
and thy Lord magnify,
thy raiment purify.
and impurities do shun!

- The Quran, Al-Muddaththir: 74:1-5

* Muddaththir is also one of the titles of the Holy Prophet, may Divine peace be with his noble soul. Other than the literal translation of "the cloaked one" it also esoterically translate as, "O thou hidden secret".

The inner pilgrim wraps himself in the light of the holy spirit, transforming his material shape into the inner essence, and circumbulating the shrine of the heart, inwardly reciting the name of God. He moves in circles because the path of the essence is not straight but circular. Its end is its beginning.
- Abdul Qadir al Gilani

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