Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Entering the Rose with Rumi


There is a secret path to the heart
winding through a rose,
where deep between
the layers of roseness,
a lover can find the way
to the embedded clues of the truth,
hidden there by the warriors of love.

There is no battle cry, no army,
no weapons, no flag to carry,
for the wayfarer must enter
the deep jungle of fragrance
and alluring silken beauty
to find the heart within the rose.

Enter the rose with Rumi,
and he will show you the way,
spinning you around and dancing
you into laughter and wonder.

The mystics know the way of the heart
and guard the secrets well.
No map exists, and no words can describe
the alchemy of the journey
that turns you into light.

Fall out of your well laid plans,
and fall deeply into love.
Love will meet you inside the rose,
and you will awaken
in the beauty of your heart.

(c) whispering mystic
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