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devotee's heart chakra | meditative quranic verses

Allatheena itha thukira Allahu wajilat quloobuhum waalssabireena AAala ma asabahum waalmuqeemee alssalati wamimma razaqnahum yunfiqoona

The devotees are the ones whose heart chakra (*) resonates whenever God is mentioned and are patient with anything that comes to them, and those who keep up prayer and from the provisions given to them, they give to charity.

- The Quran 22:35

a Sheikh was asked: "What is Sufism?"
He said: "To feel joy in the heart when sorrow appears."

compare with the above verse where it says, "... are patient with anything that comes to them"

"to feel joy in heart when sorrow appears" has many dimensions around its explanation, but one of which can be explained by the quality of certitude and reliability upon Beloved to the extent that even when sorrow arrives, the lover knows all is from the Divine and whether its joy or sorrow, all is from the Single Source. My Shaykh Sidi, may God be pleased with him, would always say, "its a gift from Allah" whether its an accident or reward. Interestingly when one moves into that level of consciousness of certitude, everything start to become a gift, truly.

in the above verse, certain qualities of devotee or Divine lovers are mentioned, namely: awakening of deep passion within inner heart, being patient with the attitude of equanimity, prayerfulness and selfless charity.

footnote: (*) the literal translation of the Quranic verse from 22:35 has used the terms, "hearts tremble", "heart feel holy fear", which from esoteric perspective is translated here as "activation of heart chakra". The chakra or mystic subtle center of bodies are also found in sufi or islam's mystical tradition (inspired by Quran as well) which are identified as Lataif-e-Sitta ("the six subtleties").

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