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Thoughts on Terrorism | Errorism and beyond

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Have you ever noticed the ERROR sitting inside the word TERRORISM? literally, and yes practically speaking too. and if you ask for a spiritual perspective of our obsession with this politically and emotionally charged word, perhaps Wahiduddin's sharing can give you a good light on it. a rather interesting otherly insight how we are fooled BIG TIME with error game in the name of terrorism.

in this article titled: Responding to Terrorism, with The Fullness of Life, the sufi author and poet writes:

In the wake of the ever-present terrorist attacks, the news media and the internet are overflowing with a plethora of opinions about who should do what to whom. It seems that nearly everyone is using the present turmoil to fight for their own personal viewpoint and self-centered agenda. However, beyond such mundane viewpoints and petty agendas there is a Greater Agenda that we are invited to respond to.

It is abhorrent that over 2800 people were killed during the September 11th terrorist attacks, but that is actually less that half the number of people than die due to "normal" causes in the US every day. Shouldn't we honor every life, all of Life?

There were 2,404,624 deaths in the United States in the year 2000.
- In the United States there are approximately:
6,588 deaths every day,
13,651 deaths every week due to heart disease,
10,612 deaths every week due to cancer.
Yes, over 24,000 people die every week due to cancer and heart disease in the United States!

Where is the outrage over 24,000 people dying every week due to cancer and heart disease?

Why don't all those deaths, week after week after week, prompt such outrage as the government and media have focused on the terrorists? The news media and the government try, for the benefit of their own selfish agendas, to get us outraged over some specific deaths while ignoring the greater majority of deaths.

Isn't it remarkable how little attention we pay to the 24,000 deaths every week due to heart disease and cancer in the United States? Isn't it remarkable how little attention we pay to 2.4 million deaths every year in the United States?

Worldwide, the numbers are even more staggering... 57 million people die each year, that's 156,000 people dying each day, 6500 people dying each hour, 108 people dying each minute.

Yet Life goes on, and each day brings us new opportunities to discover the inner peace and understanding that is our birthright.

Every living thing will die, and we are all given a measure of free-will to choose how to live the days that we are blessed with. So, how will you live your days? There is no higher calling than to honor and glorify our Creator by living an unselfish life filled with love, compassion and joy.

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud, the terrorist attacks and the ensuing "war on terrorism" have given us cause and opportunity to re-examine our own personal life priorities. What is really important? Money? A big house? A fancy car? There is nothing of real importance other than living an active, unselfish life filled with love, compassion and joy.

How will we honor those who have died? With more killing and more violence? That is foolish. We can only honor those who have gone before us by living life in a sacred manner which honors the spark of the Divine Presence which is Life itself.

Beyond names, beyond forms, there is a Reason. And that Beloved Reason urges us onward, enticing us in one moment, defeating us in another moment, that we may each finally discover the Fullness of Life that arises when we live every moment with love, compassion and joy.

Out beyond ideas of
wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.

I'll meet you there.
- Rumi

"Mom, I don't know why we are here. We are not rebuilding anything. We are not helping anyone. We shouldn't be here." - Sgt. Patrick McCaffrey, (In a June 16, 2004 email to his mother, six days before he was killed in Iraq.) via Carol for Peace. Carol is a Social Justice Activist from Denver.

Occupation Palestine Terrorismoh by the way we still dont have an agreed definition of the term "Terrorism" by different nations and people of the world. for some, the person who is a freedom fighter and great patriot, to other is a vicious terrorist. apparently its all about agenda!

and pondering over it, it just occured to me that religious preachers and mullahs who use negative association of the terror of hell, talk a lot about hell fire, damnation may one day be charged with terrorism as well. the charge against them may read that they employed "terror of something" in their speech hence they are terrorist too!! don't you think?

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