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Sufi Tafsir of the Mystical Letters of Quran

Kaf. Ha. Ya. ‘Ayn. Sad.

Total of 29 chapters of the Quran starts with mystical letters. As an exmaple, the 19th chapter of the Quran, Surah Maryam starts with these five mystical letters: Kaf, Ha, Ya 'Ayn and Sad. Following is a sufi tafsir or exegesis which came to sufi Abu 'Abd Allah through a vision with Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace. Abu 'Abd Allah was a famous disciple of the Qutb of his time, Imam Shadhili, may their secrets be sanctified.

Its recorded that Abu 'Abd Allah commented on the mystery of the letters as:: "I saw in a vision as if I were among a group of learned men who were engaged in an exegesis of God's saying, Kaf. Ha. Ya. 'Ain. Sad (Quran 19:1). One of them said something, and I made a remark about it, but they did not give it to me, and I did not yield to them. We walked away until we came to the Apostle of God. After greetings, we sat down before him and informed him of the matter that had arisen between us.

He said, "Let each one of you make his own comment." Each one repeated what he said. Then he turned to me, saying: "Repeat what you commented to them."

I repeated, "You are the person addressed, and you are the one intended."

Kaf: O thou art the totality of being, thou art the cave (Kahf) of the being in which every being takes shelter.

Ha: We have prepared (hayya'ana) for thee the dominion, and we have prepared for thee the kingdom.

Ya: O (ya) (thou) spring ('ayn) of springs and mine of the concealed secret.

Sad: My attributes (sifati) thou (possesseth). "if anyone obeys the Apostle, he has obeyed God." (Quran 4:80)

Ha: We have made thee to be endeared (habbabnaka).

Mim: We have given thee the kingdom (mallaknaka).

'Ayn: We have given thee knowledge ('allamnaka).

Sin: We have spoken secretly with thee (saranaka).

Qaf: We have drawn thee near (qarrabnaka).

Turning toward them, the Apostle said, "What Abu 'Abd Allah ibn Sultan has said to you is correct."

- The Mystical Teachings of al-Shadhili | Ibn al-Sabbagh, translation by Elmer H. Douglas

For every book there is a secret and all of its secrets are in the Quran in the opening letters of the chapters. - Abu Bakr as-Siddiq

The Quran has knowledge of everything and the knowledge of the Quran is in the Huroof which are the letters in the beginning of the chapters. - Al-Hasan

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