Friday, March 14, 2008

Stay Exactly As You Are | Kabir

O mind! Where is the further shore you're crossing to?
Before you there is no traveler, no path;
there is neither stopping nor arriving.
There is no water there, no boat;
there is no boatman, no rower.
There is neither earth nor sky;
there is neither this shore nor the further shore.

There is no body, no mind.
You won't find anything of your own in that emptiness.
Be steadfast; sit within the earthen container of your body.
Right there is where you should be.
Right now, for once, look within your mind;
observe and think. Don't go anywhere else.
Kabir says: Quit all distraction!
Stay still, exactly as you are.

- Kabir -

mana tu pâra utâra kahâm jaiho
âge panthi pantha na koi kachu mukâm na paiho
nâhim tamha nira nâva nâhim khevaTa nâ guna khevanahârâ
dharani gagana kachu nâhim nâ kachu bâra na pârâ
nahim tana nahim mana nahim apanapo
sunna mem sudha na paiho
balihâna hoya baiTho ghaTa mem vâhi Thaure hoi ho
bârhi bâra bicâri dekha mana anta kahâ mata jaiho
kahe kabir saba châRa kalapanâ
jyom ke tyom Thaharai ho.

photo: labyrinth meditation at a school in singapore. organized by christian friends. in labyrinth walk meditation the center represents our return to Source and the maze our life and its complexities. it was an interesting experience. thanks Priya for taking me there!
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