Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prophet's birthday celebration across the world

Muslims across the globe celebrate the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad in diverse fashion with benediction, blessings and prayer for the Prophet in all language including that of common Arabic.

Annemarie Schimmel, reported that custom of celebrating Mohammed’s birthday (Maulid, Mawlud, Milad-un-Nabi, Mevlud) on a large scale first appeared in Egypt during the time of Fathimiyah (969 - 1171 M). That celebration was attended by Islamic scholars who heard lectures about the history of the Prophet. In northern Iraq, the preparation for Maulid began early in the month of Muharram. Huts were set up for guests who came from out of town.

In Turkey, mosques are decorated with lamps. In Egypt, the leader of Mamluk holds a big ceremony to celebrate Maulid in the courtyard of Cairo's castle (Read: Annemarie, And Muhammad Is God's Courier). In many other Muslim countries, the day is celebrated by lighting torches and parading around the city. Nearly all Muslims abide by this tradition, except few more puritan islamic school of thoughts. (credit)

Below are glimpses of Holy Prophet's birthday celebration around the world (videos are recorded in different years):

# Maulid in Malaysia
# Mawlid Song, LA, California, USA
# Hongkong, China
# Singapore
# Eid Milad Un Nabi Canada
# Muhamad's Birthday Celebration-UK House of Commons
part 1, part 2
# Milad il Nabi: Cairo, Egypt
# Mawlid in Kenya
# Mawlid in Cyprus
# Selawat Germany Hadrah
# Bosnia
# Mawlid, Daghestan
# Mavlid, Chechen
# Mawlud, Grand Mosque Paris, France, also
# Morocco
# Mawlid in a Villa in Makkah Al Mukkaramah
# Mawlid in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
# Makkah, Saudi Arabia
# Somalia, Mawlid
# Holland
# Mawlid, Lefke, Cyprus
# Ecstasy of Loving Muhammad, Indonesia
# Mawlid, Montreal, Canada / Toronto also
# Harar, Ethiopia
# Turkey, also
# Albania
# Shahdili Cape Town (South Africa) Mawlid / also
# Sudan
# Bangali Mildu-Nabi, Texas, USA
# Milad Shareef By Al Haaj Mohammed Rafi, India
# Praising Prophet | San Fransisco, CA

. Mawlid Ceremonies in the Ottoman Empire
. Mawlid
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