Wednesday, March 19, 2008

paradoxes | however you answer it, you are correct

mysticism points to the very fact that often many (perhaps all) of the life's most profound mysteries are paradoxical in their nature. talk about pre-destination and role of will, why there is suffering, the fact that the very idea of happiness require the presence of unhappiness, light needs darkness to be realized - everywhere you will see the paradox ingrained.

wherever you turn you can discover this paradox. even in the Divine Love and undefinable phenomena that we call love. Rumi says:
Nothing I say can explain to you Divine Love,
Yet all of creation can not seem to stop thinking about it.

while going thru the book, Walking with God by James Keeley, i came across a place where the author talks about his experience:

Albert Einstein said: the most important question one must answer is whether or not the universe is friendly... I was once sharing this quote from Albert Einstein with a class. One of the students said - the most interesting part of the question of whether or not the universe is friendly is that, however you answer it, you are correct. His statement took me back a bit a first until I realized what he was saying was incredibly profound. How we answer this question makes it so in only one place, OUR EXPERIENCE. Because that is the only place we will ever live, how we shape it affects everything else in our lives.

i loved this observation. indeed human beings created in the image of Divine have the qualities of the Divine. as Divine Will is the ultimate and potent Will, the human counterpart also carries an image of That. thus the experience we consciously embody as thoughts and will we create within us, the reality that we decide to incorporate in our experience within, becomes manifested outside. to facilitate understanding, it can be compared to a scaled down version of Divine Will. thus in whatever way we decide to see things, it appears likewise because deep within our subconscious we have willed it to be like that. our mental projection create the reality in our perception. the secret movie also talks about the same idea.

Man is the product of his thoughts, what he believes, he becomes. - Mahatma Gandhi

what Gandhi points about in the above quote is now open secret, yet many sufferings of the world are because of ignorance and hence negligence of this law of the universe. 'what we think is what we become' also holds the metaphysical secret of prayer, faith and beliefs. its implications goes beyond religious experiences. infact what we decide to make part of our thoughts, our ideas eventually become. that was the beginning of all great scientific discoveries.

as if with conscious thought we shower rain upon barren ground from where rise thousands blades of grass of realities. each thought interconnected with many creates not only one outcome but from there branches out many, as chain reaction.

and perhaps the ultimate paradox in mysticism is the following:
We start feeling that we are real and the Divine is an idea.
At the end, we discover it is really the other way around!

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