Thursday, March 20, 2008

Milad-e-Nabi | Milad-un Nabi | Maulid | Mawlid

Eid-e-Miladun-Nabi Mubarak!
Greetings on the occasion of Holy Prophet's birthday.

On this blessed day as we remember the Last Divine Messenger - Muhammad and bring his blessed holy spirit into our inner heart and spirit with love and benediction, its worth reading Ibn Mashish's tribute to the Prophet. Here is a selection of his exalted prayer (wadhifatus salatul Mashishiyyah) :

I take refuge in Allah from illusional dualities.
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

O Allah, blessings and peace in all matters, revealed and concealed on him from whom are split open the secrets hidden in his sublime essence and stream forth the lights of the full moons enfolded in the heavens of his sublime attributes.

Magnified is the Prophet whose blossoming beauty beflowers the gardens of Mulk and Malakut, and the pools of the Jabarut overflow with the dazzling light of his secret bursting forth and there is no thing that is not linked to him and by his effulgent secret all things encompassed.

Send a blessing worthy of You, from You to him, that is an unceasingly and constantly renewed creation abundantly pouring out upon him and unimpaired peace which is this blessing in its flowing and its grace as befits him and on his holy successors in spirit.

O Allah, truly he is Your Secret encompassing all secrets
and Your Light encompassing all lights,
and Your Guide who guides to You by You
and the Leader of Caravan who rides Your worlds to You.

O Allah, connect me to his spiritual lineage, and ascertain me by his soaring degree and cause me to know him with real knowledge so that by it I witness his eternal pre-existence and I become his mirror by his love and his consent and so by his realizations I am saved from the welling up of the spring of ignorance and I drink without stint from the overflowing spring of Muhammadan reality.

Carry me on the swift noble mounts of Your Most Tender Mercy on the carriers of Your Deep Love and Your Affection and bring me on his Way of the Upright which is the Straight Path to his presence that is the link to Your Most Holy Presence clearly manifested by the shining of his human virtues, carried surrounded by the warriors of Your Victory, accompanied by the worlds of Your Divine family.

Oh Allah, make my absorption in him laudable
and praiseworthy before You.
Oh Allah, make his Spirit the Secret of my truth in taste and in state.

Oh Allah, blessings and peace from us on him the most gracious of blessings and the most perfect peace for truly we can not grasp his exalted degree nor do we comprehend that which befits him of respect and magnification.

Benedictions of Allah the Most High and His Peace and His Greetings and His Mercy and His Grace on our master Muhammad, Your bondsman and Your prophet and Your messenger, the unlettered prophet and on his holy family and companions.


Muhammad, Mohammad, Muhammed
.: Opening of Heart to the Prophet
The way to reach God is first through fanafish Shaikh, absorption in the spiritual master, then fana firRasul, absorption in the Prophet, and, finally, fanafil'Lah, absorption in God.

Love of the Shaykh vanishes in love of the Messenger. Love of the Messenger vanishes in love of God.

May we love Prophet Muhammad, Habib'Allah- the beloved one of God - with love worthy of him. May the love of the Prophet illuminate our inner heart and becomes our support on the day of intercession. amen.

Allahuma salli ala Muhammadin wa Aal-e Muhammad.
O God! Shower Thy blessings on Muhammad and the spiritual successors of Muhammad.

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