Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gazing upon Parents with love | a meditation, an act of worship

Meditation through gazing full of love and compassion is a beautiful sufi meditation technique. Eye is the window of the soul and it is eye which often express the inner-heart. Thus creating loving-kindness, compassion (metta in Buddhist term, mahabba in sufistic term) in the heart-space, complementing with glance to direct that love - is the basic principle of gazing meditation.

The countenance of a loved person, face of an innocent child, eyes of a saint, any object that can help invoke and direct loving-kindness from heart-space may be the object of gaze.

The love of parents for children are the most pure, unconditional love and hence the closest reflection of Divine Love. The status of parents are so great that the Prophet mentions that "One who pleases his parents has verily pleased God." Casting / gazing upon parents with loving-kindness is a particular action which the last messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad taught and encouraged.

The Messenger of God said: “Every righteous child who casts a look of mercy and affection upon his (or her) parents shall be granted, for every look of his, rewards equivalent to that of an accepted Hajj (sacred pilgrimage).”

Those around the Prophet questioned: “O’ Prophet of God! Even if he were to look at them a hundred times a day?”

The Messenger of God replied: “Indeed! God is the Greatest and Most Kind.”
- Ref. Muslim and Biharul Anwar

And your Lord has commanded that you shall serve none but God, and that you shall show goodness to your parents ... pray saying: "my Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy, as they cherished me in childhood." - The Quran, Bani Isra'il 17.23

Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents; to Me is thy final goal.
- The Quran 31.14

The look of a child towards his parents out of love for them is an act of worship. - Prophet Muhammad

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