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Blessed month of Prophet's birthday | Rabi-al Awwal

With the current new moon we have entered into a new lunar month. In Islamic calendar this is a specially blessed month called Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Hijri calendar. This month includes the birthday of the holy Prophet Muhammad, upon him be Divine grace.

According to sunni scholars the Prophet's birthday is observed on 12th Rabi al-awwal (falls on 20th March this year 2008) and 17th Rabi al-awwal (march 25 this year) according to shia scholars.

This is also the month of Prophet's emigration to Medina (then known as city of Yathrib) where he established the first community of the believers. Tala'al Badru Alayna is the song that the children of Medina sang to welcome the beloved Prophet:

Tala'al-Badru 'alayna,
min thaniyyatil-Wada'
wajaba al-shukru 'alayna,
ma da'a lillahi da'

O the White Moon rose over us
From the Valley of Wada'
And we owe it to show gratefulness
Where the call is to Allah

Ayyuha al-mab'uthu fina
ji'ta bi-al-amri al-muta'
Ji'ta sharrafta al-Madinah
marhaban ya khayra da'

O you who were raised amongst us
coming with a work to be obeyed
You have brought to this city nobleness
Welcome! best call to God's way.

# Sending greetings of peace and blessings to Prophet's noble soul

"Undoubtedly, God and Angels send blessings on the Prophet. O you who believe! Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance" (The Quran, al-Ahzab, Verse 56).

"Invoke blessings upon me abundantly on Friday because it is a day that is specially witnessed and the Angels witness it abundantly. As soon as a person invokes blessings on me his invocation is shown to me until he ends it." Companion Abu al-Darda' (r) asked: "Even after (your) death?" The Prophet (s) replied: "Yes even after my departure from earthly plane too. Verily, God has forbidden the earth to consume the bodies of the Prophets."

The Holy Prophet says, "Definitely there are many Angels of God that sojourn the earth and bring the Salaam of my community and lovers to me".

May God's profound peace and blessings be upon the praised one, Prophet Muhammad. As saalamu aalikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuhu ya Rasul'Allah, ya Habib Allah.

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