Saturday, February 16, 2008

when poets call from the rooftops

last night those who can not sleep
in their inner-ear somebody
whispered and echoed
the weeping of the lost children of humanity.

the weeping was heard as they say,
in the streets of Kabul, Sao Paulo
Gaza, Grozny and Colombo,
in Port-au-Prince, Kolkata
Baghdad and Jakarta
Darfur, Kinshasha and Manila ...

as it kept coming and coming,
echoing and echoing
from all corners of the world,
wailing and lamenting so intense!

Heart, I said, what an agony it has been
to be witness to the weeping of humanity,
to feel the pain of the Divine,
Who calls to every inner ear of poets and prophets
calling not from far, but near
calling, calling since the aeons of time

calling since always to wake us up
from this mad slumber.
calling to free ourselves
from this bondage of slavery
we orchestrated so thoroughly.

now let the poets stand up
and give call from the rooftops,
in every inner-ear of every heart
let the call of humanity be heard.

(c) MysticSaint
Feb, 2008 Los Angeles, California
first edition published @ Poets for Human Rights

+ Inspired by the vision of human rights poets and activists, Larry Jaffe and Stazja McFadyen. Dedicated to you both. May your work bring more light to the hearts and may your pen speak the voice the humanity.

+ Poets for Human Rights | Words of Freedom
The goal of Poets for Human Rights is to improve conditions through words of hope and freedom. For Human Rights to be observed, poets must shout them from the rooftops. Founded by human rights poets and activists, Larry Jaffe and Stazja McFadyen. It is a network of like-minded active poets that believe in human rights and the dignity of humanity and work to better the conditions of this planet.

Picture Collage Children:: graphics credit: Our Children in Iraq via MR
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