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Thoughts on carrying and transmitting consciousness | from laymen to king

Kings of Egypt1.
when it comes to carrying and transmitting consciousness, depending on the nature of the message, on the nature of age and the target audience - the transmission can be different. obviously a consciousness destined for grandness eventually reach a grand audience. but interesting to note from world teachers of humanity that there are examples where consciousness is first transmitted to the kings rather than the laymen or it can work in parallel.

the mighty prophet Moses was inspired and commanded to go to the King of Egypt first to carry and speak the consciousness to and to deliver the message. instead of the ordinary / lay people it was a contrast to observe. for most of the world teachers, the carrying and transmission of the consciousness started with the ordinary. Jesus started his ministry by calling ordinary fishermen in a fishing community near the sea of galilee. his followers during his lifetime where all these ordinary people of the society. the early community of the follower of Muhammad also were the poor, the slaves and the marginals of the society. in the case of Prophet Muhammad throughout the more mature part of his ministry he continued to write to other kings of different nations to the Unity of Divine.

its interesting that for Moses it was other way around. he was sent to the King to deliver the message.

"Go thou to Pharaoh, for he has indeed transgressed all bounds."
- The Quran 20.024

Global Oneness Project2.
in the context of global oneness project, there is a strongly feeling that given the context of the consciousness it will be effective to send the message to the people of tangible power (be it political or economic), those who are on the top of our complex social chain.

global oneness project is about "the fact that all life is interconnected, and that everything affects everything else. Modern global realities have made this inescapably clear -- we are no longer separate from one another." the major component of global oneness project is ecology, environment and how we relate to it.

now there is no doubt that for real change - a collective consciousness is what we need. this has been one of the central motto of global oneness project to raise awareness and to help into this emerging consciousness by including more individuals. holding consciousness in each individual can help others to access that and in that way a greater consciousness can take effect.

but somewhere there is a strongly feeling that given the nature of the goal of the problem of our planet, from global warming to poverty, from unequal economic system to human right abuse - in order to effectively address such issues, the kings of our time needs to be included in the consciousness reach out. the transmission must include them who are in the authority. lay person no matter how hard they try, no matter how beautiful it is to say theoretically that "real power is in the hand of people", but on the ground reality, power in terms of policy and resource channeling its with the kings.

its the decision makers, politicians, congressman and country presidents across the globe need to be shown global oneness initiatives. no matter how much we dislike them or what amount of misdeed has crept into their way of doing things, there is no denying that they have a lot of access to make change happen from the policy level and how action is driven from governmental level which still is the major share of change in our world.

there is no denying that each of the movies and projects that it focuses on do have tremendous power to raise awareness and even if only two in twenty leaders are inspired by the vision of oneness, can bring some tangible changes on the ground. if passionately inspired, what even a single person can do is unbelievable. the story of Dr. Muhammad Yunus and his mission of micro-finance is a great example for that.

just as global oneness project videos can be screened to the masses, at the same time whenever possible if its possible to bring them to "the kings" i personally believe it will be helpful to initiate the lost visions (in heartless leaders and intellectuals) in whatever capacity possible. though Moses was hesitant in the beginning to go to the King, after all the message taken carrying the consciousness did make some radical changes back in thousands of years ago. Divine permitting, it can do in our times as well.

"And I have prepared thee for Myself.
Go, thou Moses and thy brother, with My tokens, and be not faint in remembrance of Me. Go, both of you, unto Pharaoh. Lo! he hath transgressed (the bounds). And speak unto him a gentle word, that peradventure he may heed or fear." - The Quran 20:41-44

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