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Muhammad | the praised one

Muhammad Mohammad Calligraphy
The name, Muhammad means the praised one. The term also appears in Hebrew Bible. In the Song of Solomon (5:16) it reads: "Yea, he is altogether lovely" in English translation which in original Hebrew Bible, the word is "Muhammad-im".

The image of Islam's Prophet among Muslims originates from explicit Qur'anic proclamations, such as, blessed (33:56), mercy towards all creations (21:107), emancipator of humanity (7:157), etc. According to Ibn Durayd's (837CE-933CE) Kitab al Ishtiqaq, Muhammad means one who is continuously praised. Muhammad's other name Ahmed (61:6) has similar meaning. And the Qur'an declares Muhammad to be raised to the station of praise and glory, that is, “Maqamam Mahmood” (17:79). Still Muhammad is human (17:94) of the noblest moral character (68:4).

Muhammad also became widely known in Europe by diverse forms of the name such as Mahon, Mahomés, Mahun, Mahum, and Mahumet (all French), Machmet (German), and Maúmet (Old Icelandic).

Muhammad's “sacred names,” which Muslims believe were given to him by God and by which he is called in various contexts. Traditionally, 99 names for him are commonly used in litanies and prayers. Among the most often used and also central to the understanding of his nature is Ahmad (“the Most Glorified”), which is considered an inner and celestial name for Muhammad. Over the centuries Muslim authorities and scholars have believed that, when Christ spoke of the coming reign of the Paraclete, he was referring to Ahmad.

Following are the names and praised titles of Muhammad, the Messenger of God containing the qualities, characteristics and sirr (inner secret) of the Prophet of Light. May the one who meditates upon the qualities of the Prophet and brings it into the inner heart, be blessed with the inner illumination of Nur-Muhammad, the Muhammadan Light. amen.

He is Sahib-ul-Farah (the Possessor of Happiness), 'Azz-ul-'Arab (the Might of the Arabs), Rafi'ur-Rutab (the Raiser of Ranks), Khashif-ul-Kurb (the Remover of Worries), 'Alm-ul-Huda (the Teacher of the Guidance), Khateeb-ul-Umam (the Preacher of Nations), Sa'dul-Khalq (the Joy of the Creator), Sa'dullah (the Joy of God), 'Ayn-ul-Ghur (the Spring of Beauty), 'Ayn-ul-Na'eem (the Spring of Bliss), Saiyed-ul-Khawnain (the Master of the Two Universes), Saheeh-ul-Islam (the Completer of the Way of Peace)

He is Uthan Khayr (the Good Listener), Raheem (the Mercy-giving), Ra'uf (the Kind), Mutahhir-ul-Jannah (the Purifier the Soul), Faseeh-ul-Lisan (the Good Communicatior), Sahib-ul-Bayan (the Possessor of Evident Proofs), Sahib-ul-Burhan (the Possessor of the Evidence), Shahib-ul-'Alamah (the Owner of the Sign), Sahib-ul-Khatam (the Owner of the Ring), Sahib-ul-Buraq (the Owner of Buraq), Sahib-ul-Qadeeb (the Possessor of the Staff), Sahib-ul-Mi'raj (the Master of the Night Journey), Sahib-ul-Liwa' (the Possessor of the Flag), Sahib-ul-Maghir (the Possessor of Forgiveness), Sahib-ut-Taj (the Possessor of Crown), Sahib-ud-Darajat-ir-Rafi' (the Possessor of the Lofty Rank), Sahib-ur-Rida' (the Owner of the Robe), Sahib-us-Sultan (the Possessor of Authority)

He is Sahib-ul-Hujjah (the Possessor of Proof), Sahib-ul-Izar (the Owner of the Cloth), Sahib-ul-Fadeelah (the Possessor of Pre-eminence), Sahib-us-Sayf (the Owner of the Sword), Sahib-ul-Waseelah (the Possessor of the Closest Access), Makhsoosun bish-Sharaf (Distinguished with Nobility), Makhsoosun bil-Majd (Distinguished with Glory), Makhsoosun bil-'Azz (Distinguished with Might), Sahib-ul-Qadam (Owner of the Footprint), Sahib-ul-Maqam (the Possessor of the Honoured Station), Sahib-ush-Shafa'ah (the Possessor of intercession), Safooh 'an-az-Zallat (the Pardoner of Oppressions), Muqeel-ul-'Atharat (The Forewarner of False Steps), Musahih-ul-Hasanat (the Verifier of Good Deeds), Daleel-'ul-Khayrat (Guide to Good Things)

He is 'Alam-ul-Iman (He taught the Faith), 'Alam-ul-Yaqeen (He taught Certainty), Miftah ul-Jannah (the Key to the Garden), Miftah ur-Rahman (the Key of Mercy), he is Miftah (the Key), Fatih (the Opener), Mufaddil (the Favored), Fadil (the Outstanding), 'Aziz (the Mighty), Muqaddam (the Overseer), Muhdi (the Guided), Hadi (the Guide), Sa'iq (the Driver), Sabiq (the Foremost), Mawsool (the One Bound to Allah), Wasil (the Inseparable Friend), Shaf (the Healing), Mubaligh (the Informer), Baligh (the Proclaimer), Muktaf (the Broad-shouldered), Kaf (the Qualified)

He is Ruh-ul-Qist (the Spirit of Justice), Ruh-ul-Haqq (the Spirit of Truth), Ruh-ul-Qudus (the Holy Spirit coming from Allah), Muqaddis (the Sacred), Muqeem as-Sunna (the Establisher of Way), Shafeeq (the Tender), Kafeel (the Guarantor), Mutawakil (the Reliant on Allah), Wakeel (the Advocate), Naasih (the Counselor), Naseeh (the Adviser), Wajih (the Eminent), Mubirr (the Venerated), Barr (the Pious), Khalil-ur-Rahman (the Friend of the Merciful), Qayid ul-Ghur il-Muhajjilin (the Guide of the Brightly Shines Ones), Imam-ul-Mutaqim (the Leader of the God-Fearing), Saiyed-ul-Mursalin (the Master of the Messengers), Sidq (the Sincerity), Musaddaq (the Confirmer), Sadiq (The Truthful), Muhaymin (the Guardian), Muslih (the Conciliator), Salih (the Righteous), Shafi' (the Interceder), Mushafa (the One Whose Intercession is Accepted), he is Abu Ibrahim (Father of Ibrahim)

He is Abu at-Taiyeb (GoodFather), Abu at-Tahir (Father of Pure), Abu Qasim (Father of Qasim), Jabbar (the Compelling), Ajeer (God's Worker), Mukhtar (the Chosen), Umiy (the Unlettered), Muntaqa (the Eloquent), Mujtaba (the Select), Mustafa (Chosen One), Al-Najm ath-Thaqib (the Piercing Star), Hizbullah (the Party of God), Sayfullah (the Sword of God), Dhikrullah (Remembrance of God), Siratul Mustaqim (the Straight Path), Siratullah (the Path of God), 'Urwatu Wuthqa (the Trusty Handhold), Hadiyatullah (the Gift of God), Ni'matullah (the Blessings of God), Ghiyath (Help), Ghayth (Succor), Ghawth (the Redeemer), Burshra (the Good News), Rahmah (Mercy), Qadim Sidq (the Foot of Sincerity), Muti' (the Obedient), Muta' (the One Obeyed), Dhu Fadl (the Possessor of Grace), Dhu 'Azz (the Possessor Of Might), Dhu Makana (the Possessor of Firmness), Dhu Hurmah (the Possessor of Honor), he is Dhu Quwa (the Possessor of Power)

He is Wasul (the Connection), Mu'mil (the Hoped for), Mubin (the Evident), Matin (the Stable), Makin (the Firm), Mukarram (the Honored), Karim (the Noble), Ma'mun (the Trusted), Amin (the Trustworth), Qowiy (the Powerful), Haqq (the Truth), Wali (the Friend), 'Afw (Over looker of Sins), Hafiy (the Welcoming), Mujab (the One responded to), Mujib (the Responsive), Madu'u (the Called One), Da'a (the Caller), Munir (the Illumined One), Mahdi (the Rightly Guided One), Huda (the Guidance), Misbah (the Lantern), Siraj (the Lamp), Nur (the Light), Munthir (the Admonisher), Nathir (the Warner), Mubashir (the Spreader of Good News), Bashir (the Newsbringer), Mashhood, (the Attested), Shaheed (Witnesser), Shahid (the Witness), Shahir (the Famous), Ma'lum (the Known One), Haris Alaykum (Watchful over You), Nabiy-ut-Tauba (the Prophet of Repentance), Nabiy-ur-Rahmah (the Prophet of Mercy), Mansoor (the Victorious One), Nasir (the Helper), Muthakkir (the Reminder), Munji (the Rescuer), Muhyi (the Reviver), Khatim ur-Rasool (the Seal of the Messengers), he is Khatim ul-Ambiya (the Seal of the Prophets)

He is Kalimullah (the Speaker of Allah), Najiyyullah (the Confidant of Allah), Safiyyullah (the Intimate of Allah), Habibullah (the Beloved of Allah), 'Abdullah (the Slave of Allah), Muzzamil (the One Wrapped One), Mudathir (the Covered One), Ikleel (the Crown), Kamil (the Perfect), Rasool-ur-Rahah (the Messenger of Rest), Rasool-ul-Malahim (the Messenger of Fierce Battles), Muqfi (the Best Example), Muqtif (the Selected), Jami' (the Collector), Qayim (the Straight One), Rasool ur-Rahmah (the Messenger of Mercy), Nabi (the Prophet), Rasool (Messenger), Saiyed (the Master), Taiyeb (the Good), Mutahir (the Purifier), Tahir (the Pure), YaSin (Surah of the Holy Qu'ran), TaHa (Surah of the Holy Qu'ran), 'Aaqib (the Last in Succession), Haashir (the Gatherer), Mahi (the Effacer), Waheed (Unique), Aheed (name of the Prophet in the Torah), Mahmood (the Most Highly Praised), Hamid (the Praised), Ahmad (the Highly Praised), he is Muhammad, Sayyidina Muhammad... May profound Divine peace and blessings be upon the beloved Prophet.

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# image credit: Arabic calligraphy of the name Muhammad


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Technology of the Heart: Muhammad | the praised one
Muhammad | the praised one
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