Monday, February 18, 2008

Meditation on Bhagavad Gita | with Ram Das

Those who realize true wisdom
rapt within this clear awareness
see Me as the universe's origin

all their words and all their actions
issue from the depths of worship,
held in my embrace they know Me
as a woman knows her lover.

Creatures rise and creatures vanish;
I alone Am Real, Arjuna,
looking out, amused, from deep
within the eyes of every creature.

I Am the object of all knowledge,
Father of the world, its Mother,
Source of all things, of impure and
pure, of holiness and horror.

I am the goal, the root, the witness,
home and refuge, dearest friend,
creation and annihilation,
everlasting seed and treasure.

I am the radiance of the sun,
I open or withhold the rainclouds,
I am immortality and
death, am being and non-being.

I am the Self, Arjuna, seated
in the heart of every creature.
I am the origin, the middle,
And the end that all must come to.

Those who worship Me sincerely
with their minds and bodies, giving
up their whole lives in devotion,
find in Me their heart’s fulfillment.

Even those who do no know Me,
if their actions are straightforward,
just, and loving, venerate me
with the truest kind of worship.

All your thoughts, all your actions,
all your fears and disappointments,
offer them to me, clear-hearted;
know them all as passing visions.

Thus you free yourself from bondage,
from both good and evil karma;
through your non attachment, you
embody Me, in utter freedom.

I am justice: clear, impartial,
favoring no one, hating no one.
but in those who have cured themselves
of selfishness, I shine with brilliance.

Even murderers and rapists,
tyrants, the most cruel fanatics,
ultimately know redemption
through My love, if they surrender

To My harsh but healing graces.
passing through excruciating
transformations, they find freedom
and their hearts find peace within them.

I am always with all beings;
I abandon no one. And
however great your inner darkness,
you are never separate from Me.

Let your thoughts flow past you, calmly;
keep Me near, at every moment;
trust Me with your life, because
I Am you, more than you yourself are.”
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[>] Listen to this text read by Ram Das via Youtube

+ Bhagavad-Gita translated by Sir Edwin Arnold

About | Bhagavad Gita means the Song of God or The Song Celestial.

Krishna, as the speaker of the Bhagavad Gita, is referred to within as Bhagavan (the divine one). The Bhagavad Gita is revered as sacred by Hindu traditions. The content of the text is a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. During the discourse, Krishna reveals his identity as the Supreme Being Himself (Bhagavan), blessing Arjuna with an awe-inspiring glimpse of His divine universal form.

For a comparative religion's perspective, Krishna is the manifestation of God and the conversation of Gita can be compared with Hadith Qudsi or sacred sayings of Prophet in Islamic tradition where God speaks through the Prophet himself. Although Hadith Qurdis are recorded as God speaking directly, interestingly they are not part of Quran or Direct Divine Revelation. It gives a hint how the nature of Divine Revelation can take on multiple forms, not just a single static format.

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