Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ego stands mute before Essence

cosmos galaxy universe
changing time-bound ego
...... stands mute
before changeless,
timeless Essence.

looking up at the mirror
the mystic sees no face.

zen asks: show me your original face
before you were born!

there is no answer.

ephemeral ego
. stands mute.

the grand silence
reaching the far edges of cosmos,
starts its return journey
................... again and again.

silence upon silence,
the Reality of Presence.

.... "Allah"

split open the Secret,
.......... and behold!

al-Lah : The Absolute Nothingness -
all and everything
the Divine Essence
.... veils
and encompasses.

(c) MysticSaint
Feb 7, 2008

. dedicated to and inspired by comment of Ron Marson which is borrowed in the beginning four lines.

+ The Divine name Allah (Alaha in ancient aramaic language of Jesus Christ), traditionally seen as a contraction of arabic article al and ilah (God), simply meaning The God. Also on the esoteric level many sufis interpret it as al (the), La (No, Nothingness). In the teaching of Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidiyya, the sacred phrase, la ilaha illa'Llah is often translated on mystical dimension as there is nothing but Nothingness. It alludes to the mysticism of Via Negativa, to speak of God in terms of what may not be said or expressed about God.

Via negativa starts from the point of unknowability of God. Unless Divine reveal ITself, man can conceive nothing of IT. The true reality of Divine is beyond mind, it is ineffable. It is what referred as neti-neti, (“not this, not that”) of the Upanishads, the Sunyata (“Void”) of the Buddhists, or "the Darkness beyond Light" of Dionysius. The Essence is 'wholly other', and qualitatively different from creation. Only God fully knows God. Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad - And there is nothing comparable unto the One. - Quran 112:4. Limited human mind needs opposite to compare, to comprehend and the Divine has no opposite, without a comparison; hence incomprehensible.

This is also the reason for the advice of the master of mystics, Prophet Muhammad, "Do not reflect upon the Essence of God" because universal-synthetic gnosis is beyond the powers of reflection to grasp (it is impossible to demonstrate that which is Itself the cause of demonstration).

Thus the proper site of reflection is the conscious apprehension upon "the Signs" of God. The Final Testament, Quran enjoins to reflect upon the signs: "Those who remember God in all states of physical being, and reflect upon the created manifestation." - The Quran 3:191

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