Saturday, February 23, 2008

Iqra | recommended books

. BismiLlah .

Iqra: bi-ismi rabbika allathee khalaq / Khalaqa al-insana min AAalaq / Iqra: warabbuka al-akram / Allathee AAallama bialqalam / AAallama al-insana ma lam yaAAlam.

esoteric rendition | Read: In the Majestic Name of the Source, the Creator and Cherisher of Worlds / Who evolves every human form from a mere clot of blood / Read: Thy Lord, the Ultimate Source of sources is the Most Bountiful / Who teaches with the Mysterious Pen, the Universal Intellect / Unveils to the human intellect that which is veiled.
. The Quran 96:1-5 .

The above verses were part of the first streams of Divine Revelation descending upon the heart of the Last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad which became the Last Testament, the Quran. The Quran started with the call, Iqra, meaning Read.

To learn, to obtain knowledge has always been accepted as a path of illumination. It is the path through the intellect. This path has been followed by a wide variety of traditions: such as Jnana Yoga (path of knowledge) in East and Habad in Hebrew Tradition. Habad (or Chabad) is an acronym of 3 words, Hokmah (wisdom), Binah (intelligence) and Da'at (knowledge).

We find sacred Prophetic tradition in Islam which instruct: "It is compulsory on every Muslim to seek knowledge." / "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave".

In the spirit of Iqra, as a new feature on a regular basis i wish to share recently read / obtained books here. hope you will find them beneficial. you may follow the links of each book to read the reviews, look inside and buy via amazon.

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