Tuesday, January 29, 2008

when you bless me, bless me like this

Prayer Flags, blessings, Tibbet
. 1 .
when you bless me, bless me like this:

close your eyes,
and with your whole being,
from your soul of soul, say: "I LOVE YOU".

and know that in respond
from my inner being will flow
the affirmation, "I LOVE YOU TOO."

there is no other blessing
greater than this.

. 2 .
the mystics say,
creation is the Sacred Love Making of the Divine,
every moment the Supreme Source of Love
is affirming that by saying: Kun!
in reply, comes into existence the whole of creation.

what else can it be?!

from the bursting of tiniest bud
to the birth of giant new galaxies,
they all come into being to reply,

from no time to the end of time
thus continues the most ancient love story.

. 3 .
when Bawa appeared in Coleman's dream
the first thing said this strange, unknown man, was:
and Coleman replied, "I LOVE YOU TOO."

bless me like that.

(c) MysticSaint | Jan, 2008

. dedicated to Coleman Barks, the mystic poet who resurrected Rumi in the hearts of our generation and for the next.

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