Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Split Open | Bawa's Message from Wisdom Articles

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen said, “We must split open the love we have for each thing in our life and examine what is inside. We must open each tree, fruit, flower, our lives, our sexual pleasures, gold, our wealth, our houses, everything we look at with our eyes and our minds. If we dissect them all and look inside, we will eventually realize that there is only one kind of love, and that is not something we see externally.

When we truly perceive that wonder we will exclaim, ‘My God!’ That love is ‘my God’ that wonder. That love which is at the core of everything we see is God. As we dissect everything, what we ultimately see is ‘my God’. This is love. Whatever it may be that we want to study or examine, if we cut it open, what we ultimately experience is the fragrance and the light which is ‘my God.’

When we split open everything seen in life finally we recognize that one thing which permeates all lives - God who appears as a ray, as the point, as the center of everything. That point is love. And when we perceive that love present within all lives, we have to love that love. We exclaim, ‘Oh my God, this is Your creation, how wonderful! This is Your fruit, how wonderful! When we dissect anything, we see only His wonder inside. When we look at love, we see only His love; when we examine wisdom, we see only His wisdom; when we study beauty, we see His beauty; when we analyze compassion, we see His compassion; when we observe any actions, we see His actions; when we see a miracle, we see Him as the miracle; when we perceive radiance, it is His radiance. The love we should have is the love which looks at everything through Him.

M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen - a Sufi mystic, can best be remembered for his efforts to bring unity through understanding to the faithful of all religions.

. credit: BMF Family Newsletter Jul-Aug 1999
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