Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rumi recited by Coleman Barks

Coleman Barks recite RumiColeman Barks who has made resurrect Rumi in the hearts of millions in the west, not only interprets Rumi but also his strange, mystical voice is a joy to hear. Who is best to hear from but the one who made Rumi his exclusive nourishment! Barks, 70, often describes himself as "just one of God's funny family," a sentence used by Bawa Muhaiyaddeeen, Coleman's spiritual teacher who had immense inspiration in bringing Rumi to the English readers. Coleman Barks is a retired Professor of Creative Writing & Poetry in the University of Georgia and has been a student of Sufism since 1977.

“If Rumi is the most read poet in America today, Coleman Barks is in good part responsible. His ear for the truly divine madness in Rumi’s poetry is truly remarkable.” - Huston Smith, author, The World’s Religions.

Here are a few poems of Rumi translated (or interpreted) by Sufi Coleman and recited by him as well (all are videos via youtube). Clicking each poem will take you to youtube, upon finishing you can come back to this page by clicking BACK on browser button and continue to enjoy the other poems. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Enjoy, but be warned!
the words of Rumi may melt your heart
just like wax melts softly and silently
in the golden candle fire.
Be warned! cause like magic - before you realize
the words of Rumi may give birth
pearly tear drops
on the corners of your eyes
of strange intermingled joy and sorrow!

Coleman Barks recite Rumi * What Was Said to the Rose

* Only Breath

* Inside Water the Waterwheel Turns

* Embracing the Mystery

* Solomon and the Gnat

* Love Dogs

* Scarcity Scared Silly

* Rumi's Nightingale

* Those who don't Feel This Love

* The city of Saba

* Imagine a time

* Dance Broken

* Who Says Words with My Mouth

* Rumi 800th Birthday | Kent

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by David Ian Miller via SFGate.com
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