Friday, January 25, 2008

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Mouse Pointer. Satsang with Swaha | Laugh with Rumi
Whoever brought me here
will have to take me back Home!
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. Basho's Trail via National Geography | Travels along the path of Matsuo Basho, Japan’s 17th-century haiku master, help bring his words to life.

. E-Mail Is Easy to Write (and to Misread) via NY Times | ... Face-to-face interaction, by contrast, is information-rich. We interpret what people say to us not only from their tone and facial expressions, but also from their body language and pacing, as well as their synchronization with what we do and say.

Most crucially, the brain’s social circuitry mimics in our neurons what’s happening in the other person’s brain, keeping us on the same wavelength emotionally ... In contrast to a phone call or talking in person, e-mail can be emotionally impoverished ...

. The Perils of Popularising Science via More Intelligent Life | In appealing to the layperson, scientists often sacrifice accuracy in favour of simplicity, and the field suffers for it. Jason Zevin, a cognitive neuroscientist, takes those best-selling theorists to task ... Pin It Now!