Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Healing with Divine Love | Workshop Events

pure Lotus HealingHealing Shame with Divine Love | day long workshop with Mariam

. What is this awful experience called shame?
. Explore the spiritual issues underlying shame
. Understand how shame moves in relationships
. Experience the healing power of Divine Love and Mercy
. Heal the shame/pride wounds within yourself & your relationships

Time | Sunday, Jan 13, 2008 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm with 9:30 am sign-in | limited seating - early registration suggested.

Venue | Alchemical Courtyard,1688 Meridian Ave,10th Floor, Miami Beach, Florida

for information or registration, contact: Hasna Tiffany | 305-323-1432 | tiffanywood (at) bellsouth.net

also Friday Introductory Lecture & Saturday Mini Workshop | all are welcome; love offering appreciated

Healing Through Divine Love | Knowing Divine Love is a healing miracle open to anyone. Through Sufi practices during this evening program, your heart will open to receive more and more of God’s Love and Light. It is then natural to become a vessel of healing for yourself and others. There will also be direction on giving to others in this way in contrast to depleting your self by giving from personal energy and will. | Fri Jan, 11, 7-8:40 pm | Unity on the Bay, Cameron House, 411 NE 21st, Miami, FL

Deepening Prayer: The Blessed Journey | Connect to divine love and pray your most sincere desire from your deepest heart. Experience God in a moment to moment interaction. Direct experience with God nourishes us more deeply than anything else. We can find this nurture through active, personal prayer. But we must learn to pray from our deepest being and to learn how to listen for God’s response to our prayers. This afternoon is a blending of Sufi teachings and psychological approaches for increasing intimacy. A notebook will be needed for part of the exercises. | Sat Jan 12, 1-4 pm | Unity on the Bay, Cameron House, 411 NE 21st, Miami, FL

About Dr. Mariam Ruth McGinnis

. Ph.D. Psychology, 1971, MI licensed; CD, sexual abuse, preverbal trauma specialties
. Ordained minister & student of Sufism
. Faculty, University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism
. 20+ years in recovery

"Mariam carries a deep understanding of how love can heal our hearts and souls and return us to the ocean of Divine Love.” - Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., D.D.
N. American Leader, Shadhiliyya Sufis; Founder, University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism

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