Sunday, January 20, 2008

you are bound to rise high | meditative Quranic verses

meditative quranic verse Huwa Hu Divine God Allahwa la tahinoo, wa la tahjanoo
wa'ntumul al-aAAlawna inkuntum mumeena.

Be not, faint of heart,
and grieve not:

for you are bound to rise high if you are believers.

- The Quran. surat al-imran. 3:139

To become a believer is not really about believing into "something", naive blind faith is denounced even by God and not welcomed in this love affair of submission.

The desert arabs say, "We believe".

Say unto them O Muhammad, "You do not have faith yet; rather say, We submit to the Divine Will, for faith has not yet entered into your hearts." - The Quran. surat al-hujurat 49:14

The whole affair is really about opening of heart to something higher. Submission to Divine Will embodies that quality of opening. A believer is the one who has opened his or her heart to Divine like a sunflower that opens to the sun. Opening of heart is a real necessity not for Divine's sake but applies to everything we deal in this human journey, including every little or big mundane things.

"... for you are bound to rise high" - rising high is to become a perfect human being embodying the qualities of the Most High. Nothing less is the goal in this being human. Man is in search of its divinely inspired idea of perfection. Nothing less.

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