Thursday, January 17, 2008

30 Most influential religion blogs | TimesOnline

"Bloggers about religion blog religiously"
- Faith Central

Faith Central of Times Online has compiled a list of the most influential blogs that has religious theme. it was compiled during July, 2007. Here are the first 10 blogs.

1. Informed Comment | Blog from the president of the Global Americana Institute, on religion and the Middle East.

2. Austrolabe | Aussie Muslims discuss world events in a wide ranging and engaging blog.

3. Jew School | Blog by Jews, about Jews, for Jews, interesting and compelling.

4. Articles of Faith | Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent of The Times', fantastic blog offering expert comment and analysis of religious events. Incisive and prolific.

5. Spirit Daily | OK, not strictly a blog, but the closest thing we have to The Drudge Report.

6. Black Hat Lama | Life as one of the most senior and revered figures of Tibetan Buddhism.

7. Freedom's Zone | Jews, Muslims and Christians blogging from around the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, against religious extremism.

8. Get Religion | A blog on religious affairs and based on the premise that the press just don't get religion. Based in Washington D.C. this is the blogchild of the Oxford Centre for Religion in Public Life.

9. Progressive Islam | Plenty of warnings to €œweak souls€ who might get easily offended in this blog but it does have some quirky pieces on modern Islam.

10. Soma Review | A humourous review of religion and culture.

:: for full list of 30 most influential religion blogs, visit Faith Central @ Times Online.

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