Monday, December 17, 2007

Hajj Diary and Reports from Mecca, Arafat and Medina

# From Mecca this is how Ashraf Khalil has started his hajj blog, "I had hoped to kick off what will be several weeks of blog posts from the midst of the Hajj with something elegant about universal faith and the wonder of millions of pilgrims gathering for a common spiritual purpose." He is posting pretty much daily from Medina and now from Mecca with amateur videos, photos and interesting observations. [>] read L.A. Times Reporter Ashraf Khalil's Hajj Blog

# Guardian Interactive: one woman's Hajj experience | Riazat Butt in Mecca

# "Walking inside the Haram and outside is an education in flags, nationalities and cultures – many of us did not realise there were Muslims in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or Myanmar. There are literally thousands of pilgrims from Africa, thousands upon thousands from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. The biggest presence seems to be from Turkey and from Iran: we are surprised by the vast number of Shia pilgrims that are here.

It was heart-warming to feel connected and included with a part of a global community of Muslims and of Shias; all praying and worshipping in the same direction; and in a few days time, we will all be heading in the same direction: towards Arafat ... " [>] European Hajj Mission is also sharing a Live Diary during Hajj.

# The BBC's Imtiaz Tyab is performing the Hajj this year and writing a diary of his experience for the BBC News website. here is his initial reaction as he starts his pilgrimage journey.

Last year in 2006 it was Rabiya Parekh who wrote Hajj diary for the BBC News website. you may read it here.

# Channel 4 has an achieve of Live at Hajj reports from day to day at Hajj.

# Report from Asian Image: For those on the annual Hajj the journey can be one of great discovery and self-fulfillment. Before they set-off Asian Image caught up with a wide range of people making their first Hajj.

# Blogger at Al Miskeenah lives in Madina and writes lovingly about the two cities (Mecca being the other). you may want to check out her Hajj posts.

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