Friday, November 30, 2007

come! let us fast today

come! let us fast today.

not fast from mere food i talk about,
real fasting be far removed from that.

in this world of ten thousand things, *
food is not at all what matters the most.
far more than that, you act as an host.

don't forget the noble eightfold path. **
your intention, speech
action and thought.

what you will be held accountable for
are far grave a disposition
than what (gross material)
make way in body alone.

o wayfarer! how long
will you live in ignorance?

let us fast in harmony
upon the real objects today,
unnecessity may give itself away.

(c) Sadiq M. Alam
28 Nov, 2007. LA, CA

. dedicated to my friend and dear bhai MURALIKRISHNAN

# note::
* "ten thousand things" is a metaphor used in ancient Chinese and Daoist tradition to symbolize the created world of multiplicity, everything in the universe. it is a term meaning all of phenomenal reality. in ancient age ten thousand was a sure enough huge number; just like what quadrillion or centillion mean to us today.

** the noble eightfold path described by the enlightened teacher of humanity, Siddhartha Gautama as: right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration which summarizes as a practical guideline to ethical and mental development and tool to evolve towards a perfect human being.

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