Sunday, October 21, 2007

We called on You only out of love for You | Sufi Story

The Master told this story: "It has been reported in the tradition of the Prophet that there is a group of people who will be dragged into heaven in chains!"

... then the Masters eyes began to fill with tears. He related, One of the interpretations about the identify of this group are those who tomorrow on the Day of resurrection testify, 'We have believed; we have been sincere.'

They are a group of the lovers of God whom He has directed to enter Paradise. Yet they protest: 'We did not beseech You for the sake of Heaven or for fear of Hell. We called on You only out of love for You." The Command resounds, "So you did, but the promise of seeing Me and being united with Me is fulfilled in Heaven. Enter there that you may obtain what you were promised.'

Still, they do not budge. Then the nearby angels are commanded to bind their necks with chains of light and drag them into heaven! Praise be to God, the Lord of the universe!"

- adopted from Nizam ad-Din Awliya - Morals for the Heart Pin It Now!