Monday, October 22, 2007

Secret of Male and Female | Each give birth the other

Abbasseh told a wandering scholar once;
“The man who’s kindled
by love’s radiance
Will give birth to a woman;
when love’s fire quickens within
a woman this desire,
She gives birth to a man;

Is it denied:
That Adam bore a woman from his side, That Mary bore a man?

Until this light Shines out,
such truths are hidden from your sight;
But when its glory comes you will receive
Blessings far greater than you can conceive.
Count this as wealth; here is the faith you need.

But if the world’s base glory is your creed,
Your soul is lost – seek the wealth insight gives;
In insight our eternal kingdom lives.

Whoever drinks the mystics’ wine is king
Of all the world can show, of everything-
Its realms are specks of his authority,
The heavens but a ship on his wide sea;
If all the sultans of the world could know
That shoreless sea, its mighty ebb and flow,
They’d sit and mourn their wretched impotence
With eyes ashamed to meet each other’s glance.

- Form Conference of the Birds
By Fariduddin Attar

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