Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sacred Sayings | compiled by Imam Ali

O children of Adam, I am the Ever Alive and will never die. Act on what I have commanded you and avoid what I have forbidden you from. So that I shall give you eternal life in which you never die.

O children of Adam, I am the King Who will never be overthrown. When I command, it will be so. Obey Me in what I have commanded you to do and refrain from what I have prohibited you. So that when you command, it will be so.

O children of Adam, when you speak of good and practice evil, you are head of hypocrites. When your appearance is pleasant but your inner self is ugly, you are the most perditious of the perditious ones.

O children of Adam, no one can enter My blissful station (heaven) unless he or she humbles himself or herself before Me, interrupts his day in My remembrance, denies himself the worldly desires for Me, extends his brotherhood and sisterhood to strangers and helps the poor, and is compassionate to those in suffering, and is generous to orphans and treats them as would a kind father, and is kind and compassionate towards widows as a partner would be.

Thus whatever those with these attributes call Me, I shall respond. And whatever request is made of Me I shall bestow.

.. compiled by Imam Ali, may God bless him, from original Hebrew to Arabic. These are the quotes from Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, where God has spoken directly.
.. from the book, Sacred Sayings of Imam Ali and Prophet Mohammad, MTO Shahmaghsoudi Publications /image credit Pin It Now!