Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Beloved alone Will Quench the Thirst of your Heart

I Don’t Find any Interest
                  in My Parent’s House.
My Beloved’s Town
                  is Most Beautiful.
However, Nobody Goes
                  or Comes from There.
There is no Moon, Sun,
                  Wind or Water There.
Then Who Will Take
                  My Message There?
Then Who Will Tell
                  My Pain to My Beloved?

There is No Visible Path to Move Forward
And You Blame the Past for It.
How Should the Bride go to the House of the Beloved?
Powerful Pangs of Separation are Burning from Inside
Dual Reality is Fashioning a Dance to Its Tune.

There is None more Dearer Than the Guru,
Who Else is There Who Can Show the Way?

Says Kabir Listen oh Aspirant
Your Beloved Will Come in a Dream-like State
That Alone Will Quench the Thirst of your Heart .

[>] listen to this beautiful song here via esnips.

Also a lovely rendition by Vikram Hazra via Youtube

transliteration of the actual verses of the song:

Naiharva Hum Ka Na Bhave
Sai Ki Nagri Param Ati Sundar,
Jahan Koi Jav Na Avey
Chand Suraj Jahan, Pavan Na Pani,
Ko Sundesh Pahunchave
Dard Yeh Sai Ko Sunave

Agey Chalo Panth Nahin Sujhe,
Peeche Dosh Lagawe
Kehi Bidhi Sasure Jau Mori Sajani,
Virha Jor Jarawe
Vishai Ras Nach Nachawe

Bin Satguru Apno Nahin Koi,
Jo Yeh Rah Batawe
Kahat Kabira Suno Bhai Sadho,
Supne Na Pitam Awey
Tapan Yeh Jiya Ki Bujhawey

Mystical Song and its explanation: In this song Kabir, the poet portrays himself like a bride who has gone to her parents house. But having gone there her soul burns from the pangs of separation from her beloved. The bride’s trouble is further complicated because there are no messengers (such as the Sun, Moon, Wind or Water) who can reach and convey her message to the beloved. She has no path or way to solve this problem. Meanwhile the separation is killing her from inside.

Kabir, in his mystical way, is comparing the separation of the individual from The Universal Self, like that of a bride from her beloved. He explains that this insatiable thirst comes from the feeling of separation whose root lies in duality. He then explains that the only person who can help out of this problem is the Guru, the Spiritual Master who is like the representative of the Prophet himself. In his final parting signature note, Kabir reveals that the way to reach the beloved is not outside but Inside (similar to a dream-like state) which alone will satisfy the seemingly unending burning thirst.

:: this beautiful explanation of the song is quoted from here

This song beautifully captures the mystical feelings of separation from God, the Ultimate Beloved of human beings, as the Sufis see through their eyes of the inner heart.

About the Mystical Poet
Kabir: Six hundred years ago Kabir was born in India in 1398 AD. A weaver by profession, he lived for 120 years and is said to have relinquished his body in 1518. This period is also said to be the beginning of Bhakti Movement in India. Kabir ranks among the world's greatest poets. In India he is perhaps the most quoted author. One can say, Kabir is "the Rumi" of Indian sub-continent.
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