Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What does surrender mean?

Why should we carry our houses on our heads? Enter your house when you need to and come back again. Do you work, sleep or sit there; but why should you carry it around? ...

True knowledge ... will come when you begin to analyze things, when a good crop grows inside you, when the strength of wisdom grows inside you, and when you begin to surrender.

What does surrender mean? Does it mean going away somewhere to die?

No, it is the state in which our qalb, our innermost heart, joins with God's in perfect faith, saying, "O my God, none of these actions are mind, everything I do belongs to You. There is no place where You are not. All my suffering begins with not seeing You. All my suffering begins with holding on to things inside myself that You do not keep inside You. O God, take everything away from me that You have removed from Yourself. I need nothing other than Your path. Everything I have which You do not, causes me such sorrow, suffering, pain, woe and misery. It is hell.

O God, please remove from me those things that are not in You, whatever they may be. O my Father, please accept me. and let everything insde me fall away."

That is surrender.

- A Book of God's Love by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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