Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ramadan Roundup | Personal Experiences from Blogsphere

One of the most beautiful and inspiring ramadan fasting experience i stumbled upon recently was that of Seeker in her blog, This, That and The Other.

She writes:

Today is Day 6 of Ramadan. My first Ramadan. Not the first I've known of, but my first fast. Before I was an observer. Now I am a part of this amazing tradition. ... The first day I was dizzy and lightheaded a few times. Now I just feel incredible. My mind is more peaceful than I can ever remember. My breath is slower. My sleep is better. Like the artist mentioned in a BeliefNet article, I feel transparent and hollow, cleaned out of all that is unessential.

And I am hungry.

Not for food. You thought I was going to say food. Nope.

No, what I am hungry for are answers. And inspiration. And a clarity of purpose. What am I doing here in Ramadan? What am I to learn? How can G-d use my hunger and thirst to teach me things I need to learn? How can I understand the lessons and make the changes I need to make?

And where am I going after this? ... read the rest of this post Living Ramadan.

[>] To read her other posts on Ramadan experience, visit her blog.

Here is a quick roundup of personal experiences of Ramadan from blogsphere:

:: Blogging Ramadan is a collection of people experiencing Ramadan all over the world.
:: Writeous Sister Speaks is posting Ramadan Journal. read here.
Also read the posts tagged as Ramadan Reflections.

:: Annalog has Ramadan Joural published as well.
:: Focusing In shares how does it feel to observe Ramadan half-world away from loved one.
:: Other matters published guest contributor Baraka's post titled, Ramadan Unpluggged.

:: Memoirs of an American Muslims published Ramadan Memories.
:: Between Dusk and Dawn has reflection ON Tazkiya, the purification of soul and ramadan.
:: Changing rythms of Ramadan is a post of Joanna Springer as Perspectives from Abroad

:: Global Voice Online aggregate, curate, and amplify the online global conversation by bringing the talking of the world across blogsphere. It has a number of posting on Ramadan experiences across the world:
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. Lebanon: Ramadan Kareem
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. First day of Ramadan from India
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:: Ramadan Kareem brings the picture and words across the globe exclusively on Ramadan.
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