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Poems from 3 Women Mystics

Women are blessed with loving, nurturing & passionate feminine energy that infuses life in all that they place their attention on – their work, their homes, loved ones - no one is excluded from their all encompassing quality.

Even the abstract concept of the Divine is brought alive and is manifested as the Beloved – and that inner love affair becomes the glorious path of an all consuming devotion.

Here are some poems by three women mystics from three different time periods & countries, and three different traditions – what is common to them is the intensity of the deep yearning, trust and surrender to the Invisible Beloved.

Meera (1498-1547CE – Merta, India)

Do not leave me alone

Do not leave me alone, a helpless woman.
My strength, my crown,
I am empty of virtues,
You, the ocean of them.
My heart's music, you help me
In crossing across this world.
You protected the king of the elephants.
You dissolve the fear of the terrified.
Where can I go? Save my honour
For I have dedicated myself to you
And now there is no one else for me.

St. Teresa (1515-1582 - Avila, Spain)

Let mine eyes see

Let mine eyes see thee, sweet Jesus of Nazareth,
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.
Let them see that can, Roses and Jessamine,
Seeing thy face most fair, all blossom are therein.
Flower of seraphin, sweet Jesus of Nazareth.
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.
Nothing I require, where my Jesus is;
Anguish all desire, saving only this;
All my help is his, He only succoureth.
Let mine eyes see thee, and then see death.

Rabia (717–801 C.E. – Basra, Iraq)

My Joy

My Joy,
My Hunger,
My Shelter,
My Friend,
My Food for the journey,
My journey's End,
You are my breath,
My hope,
My companion,
My craving,
My abundant wealth.
Without You - my Life, my Love -
I would never have wandered across these endless countries.
You have poured out so much grace for me,
Done me so many favors, given me so many gifts.
I look everywhere for Your love,
Then suddenly I am filled with it.
O Captain of my Heart
Radiant Eye of Yearning in my breast,
I will never be free from You
As long as I live.
Be satisfied with me, Love,
And I am satisfied.

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