Thursday, September 20, 2007

life should be measured in breaths, not in years

Kum, Kum ya habibi
kaan tanam!

Awake, awake my friend
how you sleep!

This is the state of man. We're in a condition of (semi)sleep.

There are those who sat in my old house for years and years before me, and now they're gone. There wil be those who lived in our appartments before us, and they're no longer there. Now it's ours, and another time it will be someone's else. Life as we know it wil end. The question is, can we grow past the point of decay?

Faith in Allah is an innoculation against the pain and disease of the world. Faith in Allah is a protective cloak. I'm saying Allah. You can use the term God, Gott, Dios, whatever, as long as you mean the One God Who has no partner.

The life Allah gave us should be measured in breaths, not in years.

Because from infancy to old age, we learn, and we mature. We believe that as we grow older we have have more understanding. This is not necessarily so. If one can understand that with every breath, our life is lessened, then our life acquires an immediacy.

by Shems Friedlander
When you hear hoofbeats think of a Zebra
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