Friday, September 14, 2007

Healthy Tips for Ramadan Fast

"... and your body has a right upon you so pray, sleep and fast and break your fast."
- Prophet

:: Tips to keep yourself healthy while fasting

  • Eat food that is slow to digest – like grains and fibre – this will get you through the day.

  • Don’t drink too much tea during suhoor (the morning meal before dawn) – it will drain you of natural salts and minerals for the day ahead.

  • Do drink plenty of water and fruit just between iftar (evening meal) and bedtime to enable your body to replenish lost liquid before sleep.

  • Stay off fatty foods and spicy foods during the month, they can increase the likelihood of stomach ulcers caused by increased acid in an empty stomach.

  • Don’t overeat – it can cause you to feel more tired.

  • Make a list of things you want to pray for and pray for them everyday in Ramadan.

  • Cut down on things you do too much of, watching TV, gossip, overeating.

  • Be charitable and compassionate as much as you can.
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credit: article via Islamic Network and Faith Central

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