Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buddha's wisdom and Islamic teaching of 'renounce evil with good'

Once someone came to Buddha and started abusing him. He went on and on, abuse after abuse in a loud voice. He kept looking at Buddha for a reaction, but Buddha was as he was - calm, serene, smiling.

This further agitated him and he hurled more abuses. Buddha again was calm, serene, smiling, looking more peaceful than ever. Then this person stopped for a moment. and said, "I have been going on and on, abusing you, but there is no reaction from your side. You remain in peace. How come!?!"

Now Buddha finally spoke: "It is like if someone offers you sweets, what would you do?". The man replied, "Well, I like sweets so I would eat them and enjoy them".

Buddha continued, "Okay, now if someone offered you something bitter, what would you do?". The man replied quickly, "Ofcourse, I would not accept it, I would return it to the one who has given it."

Buddha said, "So I choose not to accept your abuses, you may take them back". At this, the man realised the wisdom and greatness of Buddha. May peace be upon Siddhattha Gautama Buddha, the enlightened teacher of humanity.

Nor can goodness and evil be equal. Repel evil with what is better: lo! then between whom and thee there was enmity will be transformed as though he was a bosom friend. And no one shall be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint ... The Quran 41.34,35

Renounce evil with that which is best. The Quran 23:96

Those who patiently persevere, seeking their Lord's Countenance and are regular in prayer and spend in charity secretly and openly of that which We bestow upon them, and overcome evil with good. Theirs will be the final attainment of blissful abode. Gardens of perpetual bliss they shall enter. Quran 13:22,23
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