Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Listening 360 | connecting with Divine

Once someone went to a sufi master who at that time was listening to a sufi sama (mystical music that connects to divine) in an absorbed state. Seeing the sufi master in such a state made the visitor surprised. She knew at that moment that the master was not here, he was literally lost.

Feeling the presence of the visitor, the master told her, sit here my daughter and listen three sixty.

What he meant was an invitation for listening with whole being. Listening three sixty is not merely listening but being absorbed, being totally immersed into the depth of the verses, in the tune, rhythms, vibrations. It triggers contemplative mood and deep state of meditation.

Abida Parveen is a contemporary sufi singer who has the capability to draw her listeners into that sacred space where one listens 360. Only then at once some magic happens. Heart awakens, strange joy rushes in through the veins, sweet pain of separation comes alive, tears well in eyes and ultimately we feel the presence of the Unknown.

Here i offer one of such song by Abida Parveen with meaning of each verse. Listen 360 and get connected.

Khuda Jane Kahan se - Only God knows

Khuda jane kahan se jalwaye jana kahan tak hai
Wahin tak dekh sakta hai nazar jiski jahan tak hai

Only God knows the limits of His Boundless kindgom
Humans know to the confines of their finite mind.

Hum itni bhi na samjhe aql khoi dil gawan baithe
Ke husn o ishq ki duniya kahan se hai kahan tak hai

I lost my mind and heart
I could not figure out
Where the world of beauty and love begins
- and where it ends.

Zameen se aasman tak ek sannate ka aalam hai
Naheen maalum mere dil ki viraani kahaan tak hai

From earth to sky stretches an eerie wilderness
I know not the extent of the ruins,
the desolation of my heart.

Zameen se aasman tak aasman se la makan tak hai
Khuda jane hamare ishq ki duniya kahan tak hai

From the earth to the empyrean
from the sky to placelessness -
Only He knows the expanse of the hearts universe.

Niyaz o naaz ki rudad husn o ishq ka qissa
Ye jo kuchh bhi hai sab unki hamari dastan tak hai

The stories of beauty of love
Whatever there is in the world, is the story of our love.

Khayal e yaar ne to aate hi gum kar diya mujhko
Yahi hai ibteda to inteha iski kahan tak hai

With the very first thought of the Beloved
I was lost to the world.
If this be the beginning what
would be its finale?

Suna hai sufiyon se hamne aksar khanaqahon mein
Ki yeh rangeen bayani Bedam rangeen bayan tak hai.

Once have I heard Sufis say in their retreats
These colourful words, Bedam, these soulful verses,
ends here.

- lyric by Bedam Shah Warsi

[>] you may download the song from here. (mp3)

The music belongs to the album Ru E Ali (the face of Ali) in the voice of Abida Parveen, selected and composed by Muzaffar Ali.

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