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The Journey of Sulook (Mysticism) | Pearls of Wisdom

Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali
Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, Baabaajee Sarkaar, QaddasAllaahu Ta'alaa Sirruhul 'Azeez. May God bless his soul. I so love this picture of the master in samadhi, lost in remembrance and contemplation of the Beloved. May your glance at the face of the master bring baraka (blessings and magnetism) for you.

Blessed birth: Thursday, 27th Rabee'uth Thaanee, AH 1329, 27th April, 1911. His blessed wisaal (going behind the curtain): Sunday, 16 Ramadaan-ul-Mukarram, AH 1417, 26th January, 1997. credit

The Journey of Sulook (Mysticism) has three land marks:
1. (To know and believe) that everything good and evil is from Allaah (with His permission)
2. All that has been mentioned above is based on Divine Wisdom.
3. (All that happens to me) is for my welfare only.

Till such time as one accepts with a sincere heart these fundamental rules (laws), one cannot find tranquility. Accept with complete faith – with a true heart every good and evil is from Allaah (and) taking place under the total control of the Power of Allaah’s Will.

Accept this with your tongue and verify it within – from your heart. Every good and evil is from Allaah only.

To accept the fact cheerfully that everything good or evil is from Allaah based on His Divine Wisdom, is the preliminary stage of Gnosis (Ma'rifah).

Neither any one is virtuous nor evil. Everyone is in a state of movement (action) under the Eternal Command.

La haula Wa Quwwata Illaa Billaah (There is no power but that of Allaah).

To eat ordinary food, to dress in ordinary clothes and to live in an ordinary house and to completely turn away from all kinds of riches and acquisitions of comfort and luxury and remain absorbed with all the mind and body in one’s work, is the middle stage of Gnosis. To forget everything of the universe and to have no interest in anything except one’s work is the perfection of Gnosis.

Allaah is proud of only that slave who is independent of (detached from and disinterested) in bestowals and fate and is not only 'not unhappy' and 'critical of events' which visit him/her, but understands them to be based on Divine Wisdom and cheerfully welcomes them. And this is the mother (source) of all good deeds.

Welcoming all events and happenings, understanding them to be results of Divine Commands leads to happiness. Do not complain about your destiny.

Every Destiny is a Divine decree – inevitable. Life is destiny. The Lord of destiny is Allaah ... leave it to Him.

Who has any power over any act of goodness?

[>] from Pearls of Wisdom from the blessed pen of Hadrat Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, Founder of Daar-ul-Ehsaan.

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