Friday, August 31, 2007

How many visitors visit the blog a day? | highest is 500+ visitors, average 300

Internet technology is simply amazing! Like an everyday miracle it's enabling us to connect with people across the globe and in doing that we can transcend time difference and boundary with so much ease. At the same time its enabling the meeting and interaction of like minded people (which is a tremendous gift for spiritual seekers) when it comes to blog.

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts is put up with the motivation to inspire other, as a reflection on life, spirituality and as collection of spiritual thoughts of great minds of all ages. It also tries to have an integral understanding of the underlying unity and spiritual essence among different faith and religions. Now the more the visitors, the greater is that joy and adds meaning to this service. It feels good that this service is reaching and more minds when there are many visitors.
“Sadiq… you're bringing a fascinating perspective to the blogosphere”
- Ethan Zuckerman
Co Founder of Global Voices Online

Over the last year, the volume of traffic to the site has increased tremendously, thanks to God. Right now the average visitors each day (24 hours) is between 250 to 300. Thats about 1750 to 2100 visits each week. Curiously this Wednesday 29th Sept, the visitor number shoot record high to 512 visits in a single day! thats the highest so far. 500+ visitor in one day! imagine the power and reach of this sharing!

The summary of visits (via Sitemeter) as it stands on 31st Sept is: Average visit 348 / Average page view 723, Per day

Stats via GoogleAnalytics, between Jul 30 2007 to Aug 29 2007
total visit 11,256, new visits 72.34%
Absolute Unique visitors are 8,451
and page views 20,874

"I came across your beautiful blog and want to thank you for all that you post. Thank YOU for being the catalyst for any good that can be brought to humanity. "
- Dr. Barbara Rose
Best selling author, internationally renowned spiritual teacher and personal transformation expert. Founder, IHSC

Praise be to Him! I am grateful to all the visitors who continue to visit it regularly from many corner of the globe and who shared on personal note. I dont take much credit for this service, afterall, all is His.

"Sadiq… You very importantly have a site that exudes the taste of love of Allah, 'ishq, that we need in such great rushing cascades now, all of us, and to spread throughout this creaky world! May Allah continue to give you the inspiration you have had..."
- Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore
Acclaimed Poet and Author

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