Friday, August 17, 2007

Esoteric Spiritual Symbolism of Miraj | the mystic ascent of holy Prophet

Let us try to understand the spiritual symbolism of Mi'raj – Spiritual Ascension of the Prophet, upon him be boundless bliss and draw inspiration there from:

The 'Journey by night' is symbolic of the Inner Journey undertaken in a night meditation, a journey away from the 'Sacred Mosque' (Kabaa - outer Mosque) towards the inner Sacred Mosque (Inner Dome or the Heart).

Riding on the Buraq is symbolic to riding on the Nafs (ego or mind, which is in it's base form is animal and an enemy, but in it's higher form - when tamed and transformed through spiritual practice - grows wings and ascends and acts as a vehicle to the Divine); however, the mind through the process of Zikr, Divine Remembrance can only go upto the threshold of the Divine - it has to be dropped at that point.

Being guided by Gabriel is the upward pull of the Divine Force - Divine Grace.

The experiences that took place until the point of final realization (the point of final ascension) are the thought forms and then the higher visions that appear as meditation or zikr or initimate remembrance progresses.

In this journey God unveiled unto His slave that which He unveiled of His Inner Mysteries and Signs. The final experience of ascension is the self realization attained wherein Reality as it Is is revealed and realized - that is, "None exists, save Thee" - the ultimate expression of Unity - of Truth. Meeting with the other Prophets is symbolic of uniting with the same Divine Consciousness that was realized by Jesus and Moses and Abraham and other Enlightened masters of humanity.

The Prophet had an uncompromising commitment to experiencing Reality first hand and with unmatched devotion and spiritual practice attained to the Truth - "None exists, save Thee" - La ilaha illa Anta.

A true lover of Allah, God, Divine Reality, Truth, and the most inspiring Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam Sarkar) - and of all the other blessed prophets - should also strive to build such intensity of spirit and use his or her entire being to seek ‘Completion’ - the ultimate purpose of human life - in the manner of the Prophet. The holy night of Mi'raj serves as yet another inspiration and reminder to look within and begin our own inner journey to Ascension and Completion!

- an inspiration and understanding shared by a dear dear friend, may her spiritual station be ever increased and may the gnosis and secret of Fatima be unveiled to her.
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